Why We Do What We Do – Shanthi’s Story

Our driving goal in supporting people, is to help them live the lives they imagine, their way in their communities.

What each of us considers a good life is entirely unique, with not all achievements being whizz-bang, bells and whistles moments! For some, a good life is that quiet confidence of managing to communicate with others or being able to be alone at home without support for an hour.

Here, we are delighted to share Shanthi’s story – she has been kicking lots of her life goals lately, enjoying life as a young adult the way she and her family hoped she would.

Below are just some of the achievements her Mum, Para, shared with us and to say it put a ‘smile on our dial’ is an understatement 😊

“Shanti has an excellent team of support workers around her and her interactions with them are working so well!  She no longer needs Mum to ‘fix’ things and very much leads the conversation and decision-making in her life now, which is a huge milestone and so good to see.

Spending evenings with her support workers watching movies has created a great opportunity for natural conversation, where Shanthi voices her thoughts, feelings and concerns.  This greater understanding between them has meant Shanthi is confident her decisions about what she wants to do with her time are listened to and that her team have her back.  Building Shanthi’s capacity for communication this way has helped her confidence grow, which in turn has had a positive impact on her anxiety levels.

Recently, Shanthi is also making attempts to socialise with others at the various dance / art classes she is attending.  It is obvious she is beginning to feel part of the group – which is another massive milestone.   It is also great to see her happy to try new things with a little encouragement from all of us, unlike before when it was a firm NO!

Shanthi is quite happy to be left alone by herself for an hour, which was not possible before due to anxiety, but now, we can add in our next goal of slowly increasing her time alone at home.

Watching Shanthi’s growth and maturity has been amazing. We are at the stage now where we are housemates – not just mother and daughter. Her dependence on me is less than it was a year ago.

Thank you so much to Bec for managing a great support team – it has made a totally positive change Shanthi’s life – as well as mine!”
                                                                               Para, Shanthi’s Mum



We can’t wait to see what Shanthi accomplishes next and have no doubt she will continue to achieve all she sets her mind to!









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