Our Vision and Values


With a vision of people living their best life as valued citizens, Valued Lives exists to work in partnership to build capacity that enables people to have choice and control over their lives.

Our work is guided by our values and grounded in our six core principles.

Our Values

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Reacting quickly and with positivity, pursuing to the end with excellence

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With conviction and determination, we passionately go the extra mile

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We are resilient, constantly seeking new paths to inclusion

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Celebrating the strengths of people, we are fun-loving

Our Principles

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It’s Your Life

We value and respect that you are the experts in your life

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You Are In the Driver’s Seat

We support people to be the authors of their own lives and have choice and control of their own supports and services

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Inclusion Matters

We promote and facilitate citizenship and social inclusion

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You Are Unique

We respect your personal beliefs, values and cultural needs

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Together We Are Better

We work in partnership with you, your family and your supporters, to assist you to achieve your goals and aspirations

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Develop and Support Peer Leadership

We promote and facilitate leadership and connection through the development and support of peer networks

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