Welcome to Our Stories page, a platform amplifying the voices of individuals living with disabilities.

Here, they share their lived experiences, challenging stereotypes, and showcasing their talents, passions, and achievements.

It’s a space where their narratives are fully heard and celebrated.

Empowerment Video Series

These videos celebrate and elevate the voices of people with disability, letting their voices tell their stories! 


Shane talks about being a business owner, explains how he was able to move in with a friend, supporting each other to live their best lives. Shane feels empowered because he is very much the instigator of, and decision maker in the direction of his life – he feels like he can do anything he wants!


James talks about sense of belonging and connection when he feels genuinely accepted and understood by others.  In this video he shares some of his successes, challenges and aspirations when it comes to his life and social connection.


Bec reflects on her life, her achievements, and her volunteer work despite the personal challenges she’s faced. Bec shares how she chose to take control of her own life, embracing her role as a support worker and an advocate for other people with disability who might feel they have no voice.


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