Sergio’s Stamps

Sergio has been a part of Valued Lives since our organisation’s beginning. He is a warm, kind gentleman who has a passion for stamp collection and has enjoyed consistency of support from Peri, his support worker of over eight years.

One of Sergio’s goals is to continue to build his truly remarkable stamp collection. Peri has supported Sergio to grow this collection that now contains many thousands of stamps from all over the world; from South Africa to Bulgaria and from different periods in time e.g., all the way back to King George V up to the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

Surprisingly, Sergio does not collect the stamps for their rarity or monetary value but because he is enthusiastic about the stamps themselves and with Peri’s assistance, he numbers and catalogues his comprehensive collection in leather bindings that fill an entire bookcase, as well as numerous boxes in his study.

Sergio is supported to visit a stamp dealer in Subiaco, as well as to order stamps through the post. Once he receives a stamp, it is carefully and delicately removed from its original envelope backing, then transferred to a special wax envelope to be organized into his collection. Sergio plans to continue this collection for many years to come acquiring even more stamps from around the globe and one day plans to donate his whole collection to the residents of aged care facilities, so that his collection can continue to bring joy to others after he is gone.

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