Valued Lives Direct Service and Support List


Valued Lives is an NDIS registered Provider who provides the following list of services and supports.

Self-directing your supports means we are here to listen to you, to help you to implement the choices you make around the planning, design and implementation of the services and supports you want.

This approach puts you at the centre of your own life and aims to ensure that supports and resources are provided to meet your needs, goals, life style choices and aspirations.

In Western Australia, increasing numbers of people and/or families are choosing to self-direct their supports and services, whether self-managing, plan managing or agency managing their supports and services and there are now significant numbers of people with disability and/or their families/carers who have gathered expertise, ideas, knowledge and experience in self-managing or share managing their own supports and services.

Valued Lives Service and Support List

Image description: Valued Lives mascot with question markDo You Need Assistance With Daily Living?

We provide individualised supports within your home and in your community, which is covered in your NDIS plan and includes assistance with your daily, personal activities e.g. support with personal hygiene needs or supervision of personal daily tasks which helps you to live at home and in your community as independently as possible.

Daily living supports are flexible and customised to your own needs, goals and outcomes. Click here to see the services we can help with and the NDIS price guide hourly rate. 

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