Self-Directed Supports

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We offer flexible and responsive supports for people with NDIS Funding. It’s your life and it’s your NDIS funding. We take the time to get to know you and the people who know you best. We work hard to understand how we can be as useful as possible in your life.

Below shows a few of the ways that we can support you and your family:

  • recruit and employ your support people, but you have the final say in who supports you
  • pay, supervise and insure your support people
  • organise training for your support staff
  • arrange back-up supports as needed
  • administer your funding in accordance with the service agreement
  • advocate for you through the annual planning and review process
  • navigate the NDIS funding system
  • become involved if a crisis and/or emergency arises.

This type of arrangement is suitable for people, who are plan-managed, agency-managed or self-managed.

Your Service Coordinator

Your Service Coordinator is your one point of contact with the organisation. Through this personalised partnership, a tailored support service is implemented for you.

This service includes:

  • Home and Living Options (in your own home or with a host)
  • Supported Independent Living (individualised arrangements)
  • Flexible individualised daily living supports that are customised to your own needs and outcomes
  • Life stage transition and strengthening your independence

Your Service Coordinator stays with you throughout your journey. They will get to know you and be the first person you talk to whenever you need help. They listen to you and make changes based on your needs.

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Support Takes
Many Forms

Each support arrangement is as unique as the people we support. At Valued Lives – there is no one size fits all and we aim to find a perfect match between you and your Support Worker.

Depending on your unique needs, your Support Worker may assist you with independent living, connect with a community group of your choosing or develop new skills. Our Support Workers enable you to develop valued roles to live a thriving life of community participation, citizenship and independence.


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