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We work with you to create solutions that put you in control of your life. 

There’s no limit to what you can do.

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Managing all aspects of life is time-consuming. Then there’s looking for work and somewhere to live.

Doing it all on your own can be overwhelming. And you know you should plan for the future, but it feels impossible.

Our team supports you with everything from daily activities such as cooking meals to taking you to health appointments and managing your resources effectively. 

Giving you an extra hand can make a big difference in developing your independence and growing your confidence. 

You can live a meaningful life and be in control. 

Valued Lives has supported me to believe in myself and stay true to the path I wanted to follow. 


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How it works

One of the first things we do is get to know you. Find out what makes you tick, the people in your life and what you most want to achieve.

We’ll come and have a chat with you at your home (we love a cuppa round the kitchen table) to learn about your life and where you might need some extra support with day-to-day living.

We then match your needs to the support workers we think will be a good fit based on their expertise and your personality. Rather than trying to fit you into the gaps, we build a team around you. Walking beside you we cheer you on, give you advice and mentoring as you progress with your goals.

This ensures you get personalised support; because your dreams are yours and nobody else’s.

Living your best life

With a little help from your Valued Lives community, you can be in control of your life and achieve your goals.

Can do approach

We help you to explore the possibilities; you are only limited by your imagination

Plan for the future

Create goals and a vision to ready you to transition independently through life

Build your network

Grow your confidence when you make connections in your community


Feel less alone when you’re surrounded by people who’ve walked a similar path

What we can support you with

You are at the centre of your world, and we want to know what it means to live your best life. This means looking at all aspects of your life and supporting you to get the outcomes you want to achieve. 

We can help you with all aspects of Home, Community and Employment, including:

Whether independent with support, in your own home or in a hosted environment we can support you to find you a place you’ll proudly call home. 

Day-to-day life
Support with cooking, shopping, health appointments and exercise routines.

Building your community
Encouraging social interactions and connecting with community access groups.

Planning for the future
Help to progress with your goals and transition life stages so you become more independent. 

Work and study
Supporting you with options of training, job sharing and work experience to connect you to jobs matching your strengths and areas of interest.

Our services are suitable for individuals with NDIS funding who are either plan-managed, agency-managed or self-managed. 

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