Peers Around the World – The Power of Peer – 3

Peers Around  the World

What is peer support?   Would you like to start peer supported action? Do you feel lonely among your peers?  Join the worldwide network of peer support and about peer support!

For the third in The Power of Peer webinar series we are delighted to have Markus Vähälä, the CEO of Citizen Network Osk, an international cooperative, supporting Citizen Network, who has been working with inclusion, media, design and systems change for over 20 years.   Markus will present on Peers Around the World.  Peer Support Network is a new group inside Citizen Network interested in working together to advance peer support all over the world. Citizen Network reaches over 230 organizations and nearly a thousand change makers worldwide and coordinates and supports several networks to create a world where everyone matters. Inclusion, social justice, neighbourhood democracy, universal basic income and self-directed support are all key topics in Citizen Network. We would like to invite you to join the Peer Support Network to learn and to take action together, as peers.

The Power of Peer Webinar Series showcases different ways peer and lived experience effects positive change in communities.We believe that when people connect, the alchemy of their unique skills and strengths builds individual and community capacity.   

Through the sharing of story and showcasing, the Power of Peer series’ goal is to drive localized interest in the power of peer and uncover ways in which disability peers can leverage from this network to overcome barriers of social exclusion.

You can book your tickets to Peers Around the World on Eventbrite here.

To read more about Markus check out his bio by clicking here:   Markus Vähälä Bio (1)


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