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Discover local businesses run by people with disability

Valued Lives Microenterprise Project logoThe Valued Lives online microenterprise directory portal is an online directory where any person with a disability who has their own microenterprise can advertise and promote their business free of charge!

About this microenterprise directory project

We know that there are many people with disabilities who are currently operating microenterprise businesses across Australia and we created this microenterprise website to showcase their great work.

If you are a microenterprise business owner or an organisation that knows someone who may be interested in showcasing their business online, please get in touch!

Microenterprise Hub Spaces

Valued Lives has the use of two Microenterprise Hub spaces where vulnerable community members can co-share office space to operate their microenterprises in a supportive community. The Hubs are based in the local communities of Fremantle and Applecross where we engage with local businesses, artists and community organisations to embed the project into the heart of the community.

Visit the Microenterprise website

You can visit the Microenterprise website by clicking here.

You can also contact our Project Officer, Geraldine Maddrell about the microenterprise project directly on 0417 559 653 or by emailing microenterprise@valuedlives.org.au.

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