Valued Lives Microenterprise Project


Microenterprises encourage you to think about an alternative pathway to work that connects you with your local community and is aligned to your abilities, timeframes and passions.

Image description: Excited Valued Lives mascotWe believe everyone has the right to work and should have access to flexible and tailored supports to enable you to build capacity and skills to gain meaningful employment.

Our Microenterprise Project Team was recognised for this vital work when they won the Excellence in Improving Employment Opportunities award at the prestigious WA Disability Support Awards night in 2019. They were nominated for this award by one of the project participants who has benefited greatly from the support and guidance received from the team.


Image description: Collage of microenterprise images

A collage of pictures of businesses that have been set up as part of Valued Lives Microenterprise project

Discover local businesses run by people with disability

Our online microenterprise directory portal is an online directory where any person with a disability who has their own microenterprise can advertise and promote their business free of charge.

We know that there are many people with disabilities who are currently operating microenterprise businesses across Australia and we created the microenterprise website with the directory portal in order to showcase their great work.

If you are a microenterprise business owner or an organisation that knows someone who may be interested in showcasing their business online, please get in touch.

Microenterprise Hub Space

The Fremantle Microenterprise Hub is a whole community space where vulnerable community members can co-share office space to operate their microenterprises in a supportive community and can develop and run their own small business with the support and mentoring of the Valued Lives Microenterprise Project team who are based at the Hub.

Visit the Microenterprise website

You can visit the Microenterprise website by clicking here.

You can also contact our Microenterprise Project Team about the microenterprise project directly on 1800 844 933 or by emailing

Image description: Burning Benno's woodburning microenterprise

Burning Benno doing a woodburning of Bob Marley as part of his microenterprise

Image description: Being welcomed to the Fremantle Microenterprise Hubspace

Being welcomed to the Fremantle Microenterprise Hubspace by the Showman!

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