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We encourage you to think about alternative pathways to work that align to your talents, passions, interests and timeframes.

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We believe everyone has the right to work and should have access to flexible and tailored supports to enable you to build capacity and skills to gain meaningful employment.

We specialise in using a customised employment approach to support you to develop your own Microenterprise or discover what work looks like for you after school.

Find out more about starting your own Microenterprise at our website.

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A collage of pictures of businesses that have been set up as part of Valued Lives Microenterprise project

School Leaver Employment Supports

Valued Lives School Leaver Employment Supports is an individualised approach, with a strong emphasis on “try and test” work experience opportunities. This approach has the intention of supporting a person to discover what it is they want to do through experiencing different work types, industries, environments and locations.

Valued Lives is committed to providing meaningful opportunities for school leavers and will work with the individual and their family to tailor supports to build capacity to achieve their employment goals.

Visit the Microenterprise website

You can visit the Microenterprise website by clicking here.

You can also contact our Microenterprise Project Team about the microenterprise project directly on 1800 844 933 or by emailing

Image description: Jane shows off one of the paintings she created through her microenterprise

Jane shows off one of the paintings she created through her microenterprise J.I. Artwork

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