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Bronia Holyoak established the Valued Lives Foundation in 2013.

Image description: Valued Lives CEO Bronia at an event

About Bronia

Bronia Holyoak is the founder and CEO of Valued Lives and has shared a lifelong personal journey with her sister, who lived with an intellectual disability. An advocate for placing choice and control strongly in the hands of the individual, Bronia is dedicated to keeping the core values of the organisation at the heart of our culture by delivering holistic planning, design and tailored support arrangements for everyone; one person at a time.

Bronia has built the foundations of a values driven, peer-led community support organisation with a central focus on the development of strong and sustainable support networks for people living with a disability and mental health issues, their families and the broader community.

Bronia has worked for over 30 years within various roles in human services. Her previous roles within the disability sector, included fourteen years as Local Area Coordinator and District Manager within the Disability Services Commission.

Bronia has extensive knowledge and experience in person-centered thinking and planning, as well as individualised service design, providing mentoring and training in these areas. She has numerous relevant qualifications, including an Associate Diploma in Management, a Diploma in Disability Services and a Diploma in Project Management.

In 2010/2011, Bronia was awarded the Inclusion Award by the Foundation of Social Inclusion in recognition of her commitment to increase society’s support for the valued participation of all people.

Image description: Portrait of Bronia Holyoak, CEO of Valued Lives

Our Valued Lives CEO Bronia Holyoak

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