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Mandurah to New York – benefits of an inclusive workforce.

One of the privileges of this role, is seeing people shine.  Last weekend I had the honour of listening to one of our Valued Lives superstars (Clare Gibellini), talk about assumptions that communities often hold about people with a disability and employment.

By sharing several stories of individuals who had used Valued Lives Innovative Employment services, to tap into their passions and establish thriving microenterprises, Clare challenged traditional views of what a CEO looks like.  Through the sharing of her own life journey and the many labels she wears with honour, “in our house we wear our disability like a pride parade” asserted Clare, she invited the audience to look at the myriad of strengths and opportunities that an inclusive workforce offers.

Jane Forward, CEO, Clare Gibellini, Project Lead, School to Work Transition Program, Dr. Rita Kleinfeld-Fowell, Board Chair

Clare is currently attending the United Nations Conference of State Parties in New York, showcasing the work of the Valued Lives Innovative Employment program and promoting the benefits of an inclusive workforce.

The new Valued Lives Microenterprise Hub will be officially opened on 3 August.  I would like to extend an open invitation to all Valued Lives individuals and families and look forward to seeing you there.

Event and registration details will be circulated in the next addition of Val’s Voice.

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