Innovative Employment

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At Valued Lives, our Innovative Employment approach starts by understanding you and discovering your uniqueness.

Our guided process identifies your strengths uncovering what you like and don’t like, your skills, your connections in the community, and seeks to uncover the environments you thrive in.

We believe that engaging in work develops a socially valued role and a meaningful place in your community. Through work you gain a better sense of what is happening in your neighbourhood, build on your independence and feel that you a truly part of something.

Pathways to work are many and varied. At Valued Lives a team member will walk with you at every step of your journey. 

Here are a few examples of pathway options:

  • Study or training
  • Work experience
  • Job carving
  • Job creation
  • Microenterprise


Take a minute to enjoy this series of 60-second documentaries about people with disability who have set up, or are in the process of setting up, their own microenterprise.

These videos showcase the power of possibility for individuals to pursue their passions through their microenterprise journeys.

Benno’s Wood Burning Microenterprise

60 Seconds of Benno’s Microenterprise making woodburnt art pieces

View More

Declan’s Microenterprise

60 Seconds of Declan’s Microenterprise making planes and ginger beer

View More

Shanthi’s Microenterprise

60 Seconds of Shanthi’s Microenterprise making cards and dancing

View More

Teagan’s Microenterprise

60 Seconds of Teagan’s Microenterprise making dog treats

View More
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Job Design

(Often referred to as Job Creation or Job Carving)

When we start with a ‘job description’ it can feel like flexibility is impossible. If we think instead about a set of tasks, those tasks can then be moved and distributed to create flexible jobs that perfectly fit a person with disability’s needs, enabling them to work.

Job Design is especially beneficial for people with disability who may otherwise not be able to meaningfully participate in the workforce. But it has applicability for anyone who needs flexibility to perform their best.

There are a number of different Job Design strategies that Valued Lives can support with:

  • Task Bundling

We help identify tasks that are not getting done around a business and ‘bundle’ them into a sustainable job for a motivated person to do. This can be as little as 2 hours work per week.

  • Job Sharing

We help to identify existing Jobs that may be hard to fill, split them into tasks, and then reallocate the tasks so that they fit the individual skill sets of new hires and the team, allowing people to play to their strengths, and creating truly accessible jobs.

  • In House Microenterprise

As with task bundling, but the person with disability establishes a micro-business, and subcontracts to you.


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