IIMHL and IIDL Joint Regional Exchange

On behalf of the National Alliance of Capacity Building Organisations (NACBO) Valued Lives is pleased to be hosting a match at the first International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) and International Initiative for Disability Leadership (IIDL) Members’ Joint Regional Exchange from 23-25 June 2021.

Valued Lives’ host match topic is “Advancing innovations in competitive and integrated employment through a capacity-building approach.”

Grounded in the value of work/employment and careers for everyone, key components of the match will include showcasing what has been and is being achieved through innovations across disability and mental health, including for people with cognitive and multiple disabilities; examples of building capacity of people with disabilities, their families and supporters to pursue employment, employer perspectives and understanding the current Australian policy context.

Planning for the International IIMHL/IIDL Leadership Exchange match to be held in Christchurch 2022 will also occur.

This Joint Regional Exchange will take place using a largely virtual format.

IIMHL and IIDL Membership
It is free to become a member of IIMHL and IIDL; click on the following website links to join and learn the benefits of membership:

The attached Regional Exchange Flyer sets out the event overview. For full details of the 2021 Regional Leadership Exchange events, including Match Information Forms and Information for Match Visitors, please visit: 2021 Australia and New Zealand Regional Exchange.

To register, please select: 2021 IIMHL and IIDL Event Registrations

Key contacts for further information:
Bronia Holyoak, CEO, Valued Lives – bronia@valuedlives.org.aui


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