NDIS/Department of Communities (DSC)

peer to peer support

Valued Lives is registered to provide services to people with funded plans in NDIS and Department of Communities (formerly Disability Services Commission) in WA areas in the Perth metro.

We work with you, your family (and your Local Coordinator) to ensure your vision and plan is what you want for your life, and assist you to turn your plan into real life.

Some of the ways we can assist you:

Develop Circles of Support

Having people that you trust in your network of support is essential – we can help you build your network of informal (unpaid) supports.

Build a Micro-enterprise

Valued Lives can help you to work out how to develop a plan for a small business, based on your interests and skills, that with assistance you could run from your own home.

Develop New Skills

We all have dreams/visions of what we want to do in our lives. Valued Lives can help you to work out what and how to make these happen.

Connecting with people, places and activities that you enjoy at the same time as making a valuable contribution to, is very important. We can help you achieve this.

A team leader can help you and/or your support team to work out step by step how to learn new skills or plan for a successful activity.

Support to Live in Your Own Home

Each person and family we assist decide what their own arrangement will be. We help you to work out what’s right for you and support you to make it happen.

We can assist with the recruitment of support people/personal assistants, mentors, team leaders and network advisors to best suit your arrangement.

We support your preferred living arrangement, which includes: co-resident, 24-hour supported individual living, home share, mentoring, host family, support worker or personal assistance.

We can provide a Network Advisor to support your family/team in a variety of ways eg.. mentoring, training, ideas and links to Peer support.

Plans can change and we are there to support you when this happens.

Help Manage Your Funded Supports

We can assist with the administration, acquittal, employment and organisation of supports.


You are in control and responsible for managing your own supports, including all the legal and funding requirements that go with this. We will receive your funding and transfer it to you as agreed. In addition to administering your funding, you might like to engage one of our Network Advisors to assist your family and your team with your arrangement (e.g. to assist with training your support people).


You know what’s right for you, or your family member and we can support you and your network to make it happen. You decide what your support arrangement will be and you manage your supports. We will administrate your funding on your behalf.

We are here to do what makes the best difference to your life including:

  • Co-designing your support arrangement with you.
  • Assisting with employment of supports.
  • Dealing with the funding and administration.
  • Paying your supports, workers compensation, superannuation, withholding tax, submitting any required documentation.
  • Providing reports and acquittals to NDIS / Department of Communities (formerly DSC)

Valued Lives managed in partnership with you, will work out the best support arrangement to suit you and your family.

We can:

  • Recruit and manage your supports: if you choose, you can be involved in the recruitment process, you might like to tell us your preference and we do the rest, or you can choose not to be involved at all.
  • Organise, supervise and train support people to best assist your situation.
  • Ensure all the legal and financial requirements are met.
  • Manage all aspects of your funding and acquittals to the NDIS / Department of Communities (formerly DSC)

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