Direct Supports

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Our Direct Supports coordination service sees us take on administration and/or legal responsibility, while still enabling you to have 100% control of the types of supports you want – when, where and delivered by whom.  Our approach puts you at the centre of your own life, ensuring that the correct supports and resources are provided to meet your needs, goals, lifestyle choices and aspirations.

In other words, Valued Lives support service:

  • assists you to navigate the planning and funding system;
  • designs the support arrangements with you;
  • recruits and employs your support people, with you having the final choice;
  • undertakes police checks and reference checks;
  • pays, protects and insures your support people;
  • provides your support people with appropriate training and development;
  • supervises and monitors your support people;
  • arranges back-up supports as or when needed;
  • administers your funding in accordance with the funding agreement;
  • acquits the funds back to the funding body;
  • advocates for you through the annual planning and review process; and,
  • becomes involved if a crisis and/or emergency arises.


This type of arrangement is suitable for people, who are plan-managed, agency-managed or self-managed.

Your Network Advisor

When choosing this type of arrangement with Valued Lives, you will be allocated a personal Network Advisor.  Your Network Advisor is your one point of contact with the organisation. Through this personalised partnership, a tailored support service is implemented for you. This service includes:

  • Home and Living Options (in your own home or with a host)
  • Supported Independent Living (individualised arrangements)
  • Flexible individualised daily living supports that are customised to your own needs and outcomes
  • Life stage transition and strengthening your independence


A Valued Lives Network Advisor stays with you throughout your journey. They will get to know you and be the first person you talk to whenever you need help. Your Network Advisor listens to you and makes changes based on what you need and want.

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Support Takes
Many Forms

Support arrangements take many forms. Support Workers may act as a coach or mentor, supporting you to perform daily living activities, community inclusion and develop new skills. Just as you are unique, so too is the relationship which your Support Worker plays in supporting you to achieve your goals. Our Support Workers enable you to develop valued roles to live a thriving life of community participation, citizenship, employment and independence. 

A key goal of your relationship with your Network Advisor, is to develop a network of support around you that includes more than your paid supports. 


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