Coronavirus Pandemic Information & Updates 


On this page we will provide up-to-date information about how the coronavirus pandemic is effecting the disability sector, and on what the Valued Lives team are doing to help keep you connected and safe during these unprecedented times

How Valued Lives is Supporting You Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

On this page we will share up to date information on how we are working to support you through the coronavirus pandemic. As the situation continues to unfold more information will become available. You may like to bookmark this page and check it frequently for updates.

NDIS Coronavirus Updates

The NDIS regularly updates its Coronavirus page which you can visit here:

Virtual Events to Keep Our Community Connected

With the current climate of stressful times and social distancing due to the Covid19 virus, we’ve come up with a way to reach out to you, the people we support, along with your families, carers, supporters and peers, to let you know we are here for you!

We are hosting virtual daytime catch-ups and a Peers in PJs evening session each weekday via our Zoom online meeting platform, to keep us all connected and allow you a space to drop in with any questions or concerns, to have a chat, or maybe even take part in a cooking workshop!

The point of this ‘meeting space’ is to ensure that you are not socially isolated and that you know Valued Lives is here for you. Each meeting has a designated moderator from our ILC Project Team and other members of the Valued Lives team are invited to pop in and out when available. This means there are good resources to answer any specific questions you may have on any topic!

Image description: Peer networks zoom meeting poster

A poster for one of the upcoming Valued Lives zoom meetings to help keep you connected with your community during the pandemic

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